Athletic Training Staff


Holly Bachman-Forbes, MS, LAT, ATC
9th, JV and Varsity Football
JH, JV, Varsity & Competitve Cheer
JH and Varsity Wrestling
9th, JV and Varsity Baseball
JH Boys and Girls Volleyball
JH Track and Field


Heather Cooper, LAT, ATC
JV and Varsity Girls Volleyball
JH and Varsity Cross Country
Girls Tennis
JH Boys and Girls Basketball
JV and Varsity Lacrosse
Varsity Track and Field


Haleigh Tropeck, MEd, LAT, ATC
JH, JV and Varsity Soccer
JH Football
JV and Varsity Basketball
Swimming and Diving
JH, JV and Varsity Softball
JV and Varsity Boys Volleyball
Boys Tennis


UPMC Sports Medicine




Athletic Trainers (ATs) are board certified, state licensed, multi-skilled health care professionals who render service or treatment under the direction/in collaboration with a physician. As a part of the health care team, services provided by athletic trainers include but are not limited to:

    • Primary care
    • Injury and illness prevention
    • Wellness promotion and education
    • Emergent care and first aid
    • Examination and clinical diagnosis
    • Therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions

Why are ATs important?

  • Immediate care at your fingertips
    • Staff member present at games and practices
    • The first one onsite for an injury or other emergency
    • Facilitates and stabilizes patient to help expedite transport as EMS arrives
  • Help cut down on costs
    • Evaluations and assessments can save trips to the ER
    • Use of modalities and therapeutic interventions can save time and costs on seeing different specialists for an injury
  • Injury prevention
    • ATs can develop and implement means of exercises and programs to prevent injuries from happening
    • Can assess for risks that may cause injury
  • Continuity of care
    • Daily rapport and check-ins
    • ATs get to know the athlete’s personalities, quirks, and habits that doctors may not pick up on


Clearance Notes

If your child sees a physician at any time for an injury, a clearance note MUST be obtained and submitted by that same physician in order for return to sport. They will not be able to do anything until their Athletic Trainer has a copy of this note.

People who CANNOT clear your child for sport:

-Physical Therapists -Nurses
-Chiropractors -Dentists
-Parents -Etc.

Safety in Youth Sports Act requires that if a concussion is suspected, the athlete MUST be pulled from sport and CANNOT RETURN until cleared by physician who is trained to assess and diagnose concussions.

à For more information regarding the Safety in Youth Sports Act, click on the link below:




Physician Affiliations

As employees of UPMC, we have hundreds of physicians and resources at our fingertips. Having direct communication with TriRivers and UPMC, we can typically get your children an appointment within 24-48hrs from the time of injury and/or referral.

Dr Szabo TriRiversDr SZABO



About UPMC Sports Medicine

UPMC Sports Medicine provides world-class care to help treat and prevent sports-related injuries and training programs to improve all aspects of athletic performance for professional athletes, weekend warriors, and young athletes. Whether you are young or old, professional or amateur, UPMC Sports Medicine has the expertise, advanced technology, and services to make a difference in your care.

We value our partnership with high school athletes and their families, providing more than 100 certified athletic trainers to schools in the region. Our athletic trainers are on the sidelines managing injuries and providing emergency care, as well as delivering therapeutic interventions and rehabilitation to help athletes safely return to their sports. Thank you for being a part of the UPMC Sports Medicine family. To learn more, visit UPMCSportsMedicine.com or call 1-855-93-SPORT (77678).

              Our services:

      • ACL Program
      • Athletic Training
      • Center for Young Athletes
      • Concussion Services
      • Imaging Services
      • Physician Services
      • Physical Therapy
      • Sports Nutrition
      • Sports Performance
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